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About Us

Our Founder

Welcome to Claritag, where innovation meets dermatology! Founded by Zecharia Lind, a seasoned dermatology expert, Claritag brings you a revolutionary cryosurgery system tailored for skin tags.

Zecharia’s expertise, honed through years at Catskill Dermatology, ensures our tweezer-like applicator, coupled with a cooling refrigerant at -25°C, is nearly 100% effective in painlessly removing skin tags. No training needed—just the Claritag applicator and a desire for clear skin.


Meet Jeremy Josephson, our visionary CEO, who catalyzed Claritag’s journey from a dream to reality. Jeremy’s strategic validation of patents and meticulous oversight of device development guarantee a 100% reliable, accurate, and safe solution. His prior leadership at Steinhoff International showcases a track record of success, making him the driving force behind Claritag’s triumph. Join us in embracing skin tag removal with innovation, efficacy, and expertise!

Our Mission

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"The product was as was described in the ad. The instructions were simple to follow."

"This tool is wonderful! Having big skin tags around my neck has been hard for me."

"Works great. Very impressive system. I wish I knew about this years ago."

"This really works, very easy to use."

"Followed the instructions, it took nine days. Slightly sore before it fell off, would use again."
"Let me start with how impressed I am by this. A quick freeze and day after day it turns color and then falls off. Very happy with the results."
"Amazing! I am so happy I found Claritag. The skin tags on my neck are gone and it was completely painless."
"Absolutely worked as promised! My son's large skin tag fell off in exactly two weeks!"
"This worked AMAZING. My daughter and I used this on our skin tags and NONE of them have regrown and we have no scarring!"