Claritag® Guide

How It Works

Claritag® is a quick and effective skin tag removal device featuring our innovative and patented Squeeze & Freeze® technology. This device employs foam treatment pads infused with a liquid cooling gas. When applied, it encapsulates and precisely freezes the skin tag, causing it to naturally fall off within 7-14 days. Most skin tags fall off within 10 days. Throughout this period, new, healthy skin regenerates under the treated area.

Step 1


Place the Claritag® device and connected base on a stable, flat surface. Then, press down firmly on the device for a minimum of 3 seconds. This action releases the liquid cooling gas into the Claritag® “squeeze and freeze” tips, activating them for use.

Step 2


Place the activated Claritag® device over the skin tag, making sure the tip with the two claw-like ends is directly over it. Gently squeeze the thumb grips inward to ensure the claws fully surround the skin tag. Hold this position for 20 seconds before releasing. After the treatment, the skin tag should have a frosty white appearance.

Step 3


After the first round of use, reattach the Claritag® device to its base and set it on a flat surface. Press down firmly on the device for a minimum of 3 seconds to recharge the tips. This action transfers the liquid cooling gas to the Claritag® “squeeze and freeze” tips, preparing them for the second application.

Step 4


Once the Claritag® device is reactivated, position it over the skin tag for a second time. Squeeze the thumb grips inward until the skin tag is completely encased by the device. Hold this squeeze for 20 seconds, then release. The treated skin tag should appear frosty white.

What to Expect After Treatment


Just After Treatment

Skin tag turns white.

3-7 Days Post Treatment

Skin tag takes on a reddish tinge.

7-14 Days Post Treatment

Skin tag continues to darken until it falls off.


How do I know if I have a skin tag?

You can determine if you have a skin tag by having all four of the following: 1) Must be located on neck, breasts, back, armpits or groin; 2) Must be similar in color to the surrounding skin; 3) Must be soft and flexible to the touch; 4) Must be 2-6mm.

What locations of the body can I use this product to remove skin tags on?

Skin tags must be located in 1 of 5 locations. Only treat skin tags if they are located on the neck, chest, under arms, back or groin. Do NOT use this product for skin tags located on other parts of the body (e.g. eyelid).

Are there any post treatment steps I should follow?

We recommend keeping the site protected after treatment. It may take up to two weeks for the skin tag to fall off.

Can I use this product if I am diabetic or have vascular disease?

Do not use it if you are a diabetic, have poor blood circulation, or have been diagnosed with blood conditions affected by extreme cold.

Can I use Claritag Advanced to treat skin tags if I have dark skin?

Yes. You can use Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover to treat skin tags located on any shade of skin. The tweezer-like  treatment heads are designed to grasp and treat just the skin tag and avoid freezing the surrounding skin.

Is there any pain with freezing a skin tag?

Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover uses cold gas to freeze the skin tag. You will feel a cold sensation and some minor pain for a few seconds after you start the treatment.

Is this product clinically proven?

Yes, Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover is clinically proven to remove skin tags in just one treatment cycle.

Is this product cleared by the FDA?

Yes, Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover is an FDA-cleared over-the-counter skin tag remover for at home use.

Should I apply a 2nd treatment of the product to the same skin tag?

Skin tags treated with Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover should fall off in one treatment cycle.

Can a skin tag that I have treated come back?

While the true cause of skin tags is unknown, skin tags often appear where skin or clothing rubs. After you remove a skin tag, it is possible another may grow nearby. Skin tags can appear in other places on the body including the neck, arm pits, breast, back and groin. The good news is Claritag® Squeeze and Freeze® Skin Tag Remover can be used in all these areas to treat skin tags.

Can I use the Claritag Advanced device to treat a second skin tag or a family member?

The Claritag® device comes preloaded with applicator heads that can be reused to treat up to 10 skin tags. Included in your package is a spare pair of applicator heads.

There is enough cooling liquid in the canister to activate the device 20 times. 2x per each skin tag treatment.

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Treat unsightly skin tags in less than 60 seconds. The patented Claritag® device utilizes the same high-tech cryogenic technology that dermatologists use.

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