Skin Tag Tips & Tricks

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home: A Guide to Using Claritag Advanced

Oct 4, 2023

Say goodbye to pesky skin tags without leaving the comfort of your own home! Skin tags, those little skin-colored protrusions, can be annoying and diminish your self-confidence. But before you consider expensive medical procedures, consider the safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution with minimal discomfort: Claritag Advanced.

Here’s your complete guide to removing skin tags at home using Claritag. With its clinically tested, FDA-cleared technology and simple one-treatment cycle, you can achieve smooth, tag-free skin quickly.

What is Claritag?

Claritag is a quick and affordable skin tag removal device featuring our innovative and patented “Squeeze & Freeze” technology. This device employs foam treatment pads infused with a liquid cooling gas – called cryotherapy. When applied, it encapsulates and precisely freezes the skin tag, causing it to naturally fall off within 7-14 days. Most skin tags fall off within 10 days. Throughout this period, new, healthy skin regenerates under the treated area with no scarring. Claritag is suitable for all skin types.

Why choose Claritag?

  • Cryogenic Technology At Home: Claritag harnesses advanced cryogenic technology, offering a tested and proven solution that replicates the skin tag removal process typically performed by dermatologists.
  • Eliminate Doctor Visits: Bypass the inconvenience of doctor visits with Claritag. Say farewell to waiting in line and dealing with expensive insurance fees. This device puts you in control of your skin tag removal.
  • Full Body Coverage: Experience comprehensive full-body coverage with Claritag. Its versatile design is effective across various body areas and has been proven to work safely on all skin types.
  • FDA-Cleared and Clinically Tested: Claritag was developed and tested by dermatologists to ensure optimal results. It is reportedly the number one dermatologist-recommended brand for at-home skin tag removal.

How to use Claritag – A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:

Activate: Place the Claritag device and connected base on a stable, flat surface. Then, press down firmly on the device for a minimum of 3 seconds. This action releases the liquid cooling gas into the Claritag “Squeeze & Freeze” tips, activating them for use.

Step 2:

Treat: Place the activated Claritag device over the skin tag, making sure the tip with the two claw-like ends is directly over it. Gently squeeze the thumb grips inward to ensure the claws fully surround the skin tag. Hold this position for 20 seconds before releasing. After the treatment, the skin tag should have a frosty white appearance.

Step 3:

Reactivate: After the first round of use, reattach the Claritag device to its base and set it on a flat surface. Press down firmly on the device for a minimum of 3 seconds to recharge the tips. This action transfers the liquid cooling gas to the Claritag “Squeeze & Freeze” tips, preparing them for the second application.

Step 4:

Retreat: Once the Claritag device is reactivated, repeat step 2.

What to expect after treatment

  • Right after treatment: Your skin tag will turn white and have a frosty appearance.
  • 3-7 days post-treatment: Your skin tag will take on a reddish tinge.
  • 7-14 days post-treatment: Your skin tag will continue to darken until it naturally falls off.

Tips for success

  • Only treat skin tags if they are located on the neck, chest, underarms, back, or groin. Do NOT use this product for skin tags located on other parts of the body (e.g. eyelid).
  • Keep the site protected after treatment.
  • Do not use it if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, or have been diagnosed with blood conditions affected by extreme cold.

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